Leadership Development
January 10, 2017
Team Concepts

God uses teams to help complete His work on this earth.


God is all-powerful, all-present, all-knowing. He is His own team! Team God is a God that can do any miraculous thing He wants at any time in any way. He can be a solo act. He can use hundreds or thousands of people. He can act on His own or He can partner with angelic forces or human forces. The main thing we need to remember about how God operates, however, is the fact He is God and operates however He chooses to operate in any given situation.


We will never get God figured out or put in a box or programmed. There is not a button or a magic formula that goads God into action. He is God. He does everything His way.


However, when it comes to humanity, there is a difference. Unless God has specifically directed other instructions, humanity was designed to work in community. Leadership in the Kingdom was designed to be done with a leader working with a team. A one-man show was never God’s style of leadership. Ministering in specific areas such as prophecy, etc. often involved only one person. But most every other area involving humanity leading humanity involved a team.


Think of some specific teams named throughout the Word of God:


Team Noah. 

Team Abraham.

Team Moses. Which became Team Exodus. Which became Team Tabernacle.

Team Priesthood.

Team Mordecai.

Team Ruth.

Team Disciples.

Team Apostles.

Team Deacons and Helps.

Team Early Church.


It is amazing that God entrusted his eternal Plan to humanity. And then, it is even more amazing He designed it so humanity had to work with each other in order to accomplish their part in delivering the Plan.

Team ministry has been God’s design from the garden. “It is not good for man to be alone…” Man was designed from the beginning to work in partnership with others. No complete human was ever created. Every human being has parts lacking and needing others to fill. We need each other.


For the next several days, be thinking about other teams in the Word and the victories as well as the challenges they faced. Were they successful or unsuccessful? Why? Were there any who tried to be a one-man show and disregard others? Were they successful? Why or why not?


Also ask God to help you search your own heart and life. Are you team oriented? Before you answer too quickly, we must remember we can be surrounded by people working for us and still not be team oriented. Whether you lead a team or you are part of a team, ask yourself if you are a good team player.