My Personal Roadmap

Do you wish you had a map to show you how to get to the next step in your life, your family, and your ministryLiving life more abundantly as we carry out our Godcalling through our Godwiring is our goal, but how do we get on the right track?  


If this is you and you are looking for these answers, we can help.

The abundant life spoken of in John 10:10 is possible, but we must follow His ways in order to obtain it.  

To help resource you as you travel this journey, we have identified “mile markers” along the road of this lifelong discipleship quest that can help you grow toward the “daily” of Acts 2 and Acts 5 and the “continually” described in Deuteronomy 6.  Each mile marker of your personal roadmap represents a foundational component.

Within each mile marker, we have provided tools—videos, teachings, podcasts, recommended reading and resources, assessments, and more—to help you grow in that area.

Click here to get started on your personal roadmap.


Listen as Terry and Melani offer a more detailed explanation of what the Personal Roadmap consists of and how to integrate it into your everyday discipleship process.

As you strengthen your root system, you will have the foundation to apply the principles of the Word to your family life, your job, your ministry—every area of your life.  Your Personal Roadmap is a lifelong process. Each step of your quest will take you deeper. May it never end!