November 21, 2016
Day 5 - Meditation: How?

"Christian meditation is less about the posture of our bodies and more about the posture of our souls."
~David Mathis 

It is easy to decide WHO should meditate. It has been illuminating to discover WHAT meditation really is. It is more than pondering and thinking and attempting to empty our minds or repeat a mantra to calm our spirits. It is filling our minds with the living Word. Knowing WHEN to meditate and realizing the benefits of WHY we should meditate is enlightening. But the harder question and the one that must be tried on for size and adjusted to fit our individual souls in a greater measure is the HOW. HOW? should one meditate on the law of the Lord?  

There are probably as many different ways to answer that question as there are students of the Word. There is no right way or wrong way, as long as one is following the Biblical mandates and definitions of meditation (which include murmuring, thinking, muttering, singing, speaking, and praying).

The greatest problem with incorporating regular, systematic meditation into our lives does not likely lie with questions regarding the methods themselves. More than likely, the greatest problem lies with how to fit this in to the crazy busy, frantic pace of the lives so many of us lead.

May I offer this for your consideration?

The more frantic your life, the more you must retreat in meditation.

If your schedule overwhelms you and it seems that everybody wants a piece of you in some form or another, your answer lies in meditation.

If you face daily challenges which seem to overwhelm your spirit and your soul, your answer lies in meditation.

If you are working to overcome grief, despair, anger, and betrayal and are seeking peace, healing, hope, and growth, your answer lies in meditation.

Relinquishing human control of our spirits and our circumstances is the greatest enemy to meditation.  Thinking we are too busy, too stressed, too needed, too obligated, or too overwhelmed will block us from ever starting and will rob us of what you are frantically running in circles to obtain.

I come from such a place in life. I understand a frantic pace, a family at home who needs their mom, an aging mother with dementia who needs care and love, a minister husband with all the challenges which come with the ministry, and a packed individual schedule of speaking, traveling, and writing.

And I also can attest to the fact that the plan I have outlined below works.

The day I realized the more frantic and ragged my schedule, my life, my mind, and my emotions, the more time I must spend during the day connecting with God and His Word was the single greatest day of my life. Decisions to eliminate or ignore the screaming cries of the urgent in order to follow the quiet, still voice of the important were the best decisions I have ever made.

Although the plan I have outlined below are just suggestions, I can promise you a changed life if you will do the hard, hard work of making the decision to try it for even just a week. The hardest part is making the decision to try. After that, you become totally hooked on the peace you begin feeling and soon realize you don't want to live life any other way.

Following this plan is easy and can be done at work or home, in a crowd or alone. It eliminates excuses. Obviously, all meditation is not limited to these 10 suggestions, but I can personally vouch for the fact these 10 practices will change your life if you practice them daily.

1. Choose one passage per every 2 weeks upon which to meditate.  It can be one or two verses, but try not to choose more than 4. Choose a verse/verses that speak to you right now and encourage you in the particular place in life in which you find yourself at this moment.

2. Begin your morning with at least 5-10 minutes of meditation upon this selected passage.

3. Buy a notebook or journal that contains nothing but your meditation notes.

4. Handwrite your passage each morning in your Meditation Journal. (Don't skip this step. This firmly imprints the passage in your mind. There is something about writing by hand - not typing - that engages the brain more fully. 

5. Make copies of the passage and put it in places where you frequently go.  Examples are the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the closet door, the nightstand, the car windshield, the desktop.  

6. Pray this passage each morning.  Allow God to speak to your heart.

7. Over the course of the 2 weeks, read the scripture references in your Bible Concordance or notes pages which pertain to the passage..  Read them all.

8. Read a trusted commentary regarding the passage.

9. This suggestion is key: Practice "Meditation Moments" 3 times per day.  Set your phone timers for wake-up, noon, and bedtime to remind you to read the passage aloud.  Read it aloud at least 3 times. 

Paul wrote to the Romans in 11:33-"O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! 

We will never comprehend all there is to comprehend about the wisdom and knowledge of God. But by following the commands of Scripture and implementing incessant meditation on the Word of God in our lives, we will become as much like him as He allows us as human beings to become. And we will have peace and joy in the process. 

I encourage you to accept the challenge to practice this for the next 2 weeks. Just give it a try and see if your life doesn't change in an amazing way. Please don't think yourself above such simple suggestions as outlined above. Please don't think yourself beyond the need to practice such simple, elementary procedures. Please understand how important it is to remind ourselves all day long of the fact we really do live for another Kingdom.

Thank you for completing the "5 Days of Meditation" study. May God reward you greatly for your desire to grow closer to Him and may we all become more like Christ as we internalize His Word.