About Us

Our Vision

We come alongside individuals and teams to help them discover their life’s purpose as well as their individual and team roadmap, and we provide many of the resources necessary to fulfill one’s Kingdom calling in our rapidly changing world.

After serving in pastoral roles for more than 40 years, we understand the frustrations and weight brought about by changing times and societal challenges. During these years of ministry, we have searched the Scriptures for timeless principles rather than focusing on trending methods. We seek to help establish individuals and teams through these principles so the methods can shift and flex without frustration and angst in leadership.

Terry and Melani Shock 

Terry and Melani have more than 40 years of ministerial and leadership experience. Their passion is to equip leaders seeking to advance the Kingdom. Whether in group settings or one-on-one with a senior pastor couple, they focus on leadership training and development. In addition to conducting workshops and training events, they create resources, many of which you can find here on this website.


Elizabeth works behind the scenes editing, researching, writing, finding ways to bring ideas to life, and breaking down big visions into manageable chunks. She also helps with layout and design when needed. She is passionate about cradle-to-grave discipleship and loves planning events, managing projects, and creating resources.

Bradyn Shock

All things photography and videography fall to Bradyn. Whether it’s a reel or an online course, if there is filming to be done, Bradyn is the one making sure the lighting, audio, setup, and capture are just right, and then telling our stories through the way it is all pieced together. He also serves as the official photographer for our events and projects.

Mikelle Maxwell

If you contact us by phone or book us for an engagement, you likely will meet Mikelle. She interfaces with you on all the travel details and helps us make sure we don’t miss deadlines. In addition, she helps with the financial records and with events. No matter how chaotic the hustle and bustle, she does it all calmly and with a smile.